How to make brick in Minecraft

From the very beginning of Minecraft, bricks were one of the main building materials used by players for the construction of a variety of buildings – from modest houses to majestic castles and fortresses. And even today, when a huge number of new blocks appeared in the game, many builders still prefer a reliable and time-tested brick. Perhaps the secret of such a long popularity of bricks lies in their versatility – because you can add constructions of any shape and size from them. Or maybe it’s a special aesthetics of masonry? Or in the very comfortable sensation of the house that the brick walls and roofs create? In this article I want to tell how to independently produce such an important building material. Let’s figure it out.

How to make a brick in minecraft

How to make a brick in Minecraft – guide

Step-by-step instructions for the manufacture of bricks:

  1. Find clay. It can be found near water bodies at a small depth and dig it with a shovel. You will need at least 1 clay block for the manufacture of 4 bricks;
  2. Place the clay in the melting stove and add fuel. If you do not have a furnace, it can be made of 8 blocks of stone, fuel and torch;
  3. After filling the melting scale, clay is converted to brick.


  • Use fully automatic stoves with feed and collection systems to increase production speeds;
  • A lot of bricks can be obtained by connecting the funnel to the melting furnace (for the supply of clay and fuel and fence of ready -made bricks). Ideally, if you do it next to the lava lake. So it will be easier to make a bucket with lava as fuel;
  • Create clay farms using water to automatically receive it;
  • Use fireproof blocks in brick structures. This will protect your buildings from fires.

How to make stone brick

  1. Collect stone blocks, mining them with a pick. As a result, you will get cobblestone blocks.
  2. Place the cobblestones in the furnace;
  3. Surrender the stove with coal or any other suitable fuel;
  4. Wait for cobblestones melt in the oven. The result is stone blocks;
  5. Collect stone blocks from the furnace;
  6. Open the table for craft/workbag;
  7. Place four stone blocks in the form of cubes two on two on a needlework table;
  8. When the stone blocks are located correctly, stone brick will appear in the result of the result;
  9. Drag stone brick to your inventory to pick it up.

Making a brick block in Minecraft

  1. Collect all the necessary materials. You will need four bricks that can be obtained by hanging clay balls in the furnace, as we described above;
  2. Open the craft table. Click with the right mouse button on the craft table to open the 3×3 craft net;
  3. Place four bricks in a square shape in a cutting table. One brick must be placed in the central square, one is a square to the left of the center, and the remaining two bricks – right under the first two;
  4. Get a brick block. After you correctly arrange bricks, a brick block will appear in the field of the craft table. Click on it, holding the Shift key to move it to the inventory, or just drag it to the inventory.

How to get a brick in creative mode

Open the chat by pressing the hot key “t” (Latin). A text field will appear in which you can enter commands. To get one brick, enter the next command into the chat window:

  • /give @p mincraft: brick

If you want to get a whole block of bricks, enter the following command:

  • /give @p mincraft: bricks

After completing the command, open your inventory to check if a brick or brick block was added. You can open the inventory by pressing the “E” key (Latin).

We will summarize

In conclusion, it should be said that the bricks withstood the test of time, becoming their favorite building material in Minecraft. Starting with their versatility and ending with cozy aesthetics, they remain one of the most popular options for builders. Now, armed with this leadership, you can produce bricks yourself and create amazing buildings in the game. So go ahead, give free rein to your creativity and begin to build your own brick masterpiece!

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