How to make fireworks in minecraft

Have you ever thought about creating your own fireworks in Minecraft? The ability to create dazzling light effects and sound explosions can significantly revive your game experience. But where to start?

In fact, the creation of fireworks in minecraft is not as difficult as it seems. There are several simple steps that can be performed to create amazing and powerful pyrotechnic shows in your virtual world. In this article I will consider the process of creating fireworks in Minecraft and share with you my advice and recommendations.

How to make a firework in minecraft

How to make fireworks in minecraft – ingredients

To create a firework in Minecraft you will need the following ingredients:

  1. Pyrotechnic star (up to 7 pieces);
  2. Paper;
  3. Gunpowder (from 1 to 3 pieces).

Adding more gunpowder will increase the flight duration. You can use up to three pieces of gunpowder for this purpose. It is also possible to combine up to five pyrotechnic stars with three units of gunpowder. If the preference is given only to the use of stars, then their maximum number can reach seven pieces. It is important to note that all the stars explode almost simultaneously at the time of the explosion of the fireworks. With these ingredients you can create colorful and exciting spectacle of fireworks.

How to make fireworks in minecraft – a detailed guide

  1. Start by creating a pyrotechnic star using dyes, powder and modifiers. You will need from 1 to 8 dyes, 1 unit of powder and 0-3 modifiers. The color of the first effect will depend on dyes, and the form – on modifiers;
  2. If desired, you can add from 1 to 8 dyes to the already created pyrotechnic star to choose the color that appears after the first explosion of the fireworks (fading effect);
  3. Start the creation of the fireworks itself. You can use from 1 to 7 pyrotechnic stars and 1 to 3 units of gunpowder. The height of the fireworks will depend on the amount of gunpowder;
  4. Finally, run the fireworks, clicking on them on a solid surface or activating the explosor that holds the fireworks. Enjoy the colorful and beautiful show!

Interesting facts about fireworks in minecraft

  • Fireworks in Minecraft have unique behavior: they stop and shift to the side, if they encounter any solid block or liquid. This allows players to control the height of the explosion, strategically placing blocks;
  • When starting more than 5 stars in the fireworks, the height of the explosion will be reduced. Players can choose a grandiose demonstration of stars or a higher explosion, but not at the same time;
  • When starting from current water, fireworks will fly in the direction of the current. However, it is interesting that this does not happen when lava is launched;
  • Fireworks launched from the dispenser will fly up, even if the dispenser is installed horizontally. This behavior has changed in Java Edition, starting with version 1.15;
  • In Bedrock Edition, fireworks from a horizontal dispenser will fly horizontally. This is another change in Java Edition starting with version 1.15;
  • The web can delay the fireworks running into it, forcing the particles to slow down after the explosion. This adds a unique visual effect;
  • Fireworks are able to fly through glass panels, if during the flight they accidentally fall into the gaps between the panels. This adds an interesting visual element to the show;
  • Starting from version 1.eleven.1, fireworks in minecraft apply 4 damage (two hearts) on normal complexity. This means that they can cause damage to mobs and players within the radius of their explosion;
  • Starting with the same version, players can use fireworks to accelerate on the elites. By pressing the right mouse button with a fireworks in their hands during a flight on the elytra, players can get a strong acceleration in the direction where they look;
  • Bonfires have a effect on fireworks, similar to a web, slowing down particles after an explosion. This adds decorativeness;
  • If the fireworks flies for a long time, it can deviate from its original trajectory. This can lead to unexpected effects and bring an element of a surprise;
  • The fireworks released from the crossbow do not deviate from its trajectory. This allows you to aim more accurately and use fireworks as shells in combat situations.


So, now you have all the ingredients and knowledge to create your own dazzling fireworks in minecraft. Give free rein to your work and insight virtual heaven with your colorful and spectacular shows. Get ready to hit friends and comrades in the game with your pyrotechnic skills. Arrange an explosion!

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