How to make pistons in Minecraft

Pistons are compact, but powerful mechanism blocks allow you to move and interact with other blocks when submitting a redstone symbol. With their help, you can create doors, elevators, stairs, conveyors, traps – yes everything! Pistons open truly unlimited possibilities for the realization of the most daring ideas. Want to build a moving skyscraper? Floating island? Palace with secret rooms and traps? All this and much more can be embodied in Minecraft using a piston. Let’s figure out how to make these amazing mechanisms and what creative constructions can be created with their help!

How to Make Pistons in Minecraft

How to make pistons in Minecraft – Step-by-step guide

To make ordinary pistons in Minecraft, follow the following actions:

  1. Collect the materials. You will need 4 cobblestones, 3 boards of any type, 1 iron ingot and 1 dust of red stone;
  2. Open the table for craft: open the 3×3 grid on the artisan table;
  3. Place 3 boards of any type in the upper row of the grate. In the second row, place 1 iron ingot in the center. In the remaining 4 cells, place 1 cobblestone in each;
  4. After you place all the materials in the grid, the piston will appear in the results window. Click on the piston to move it to your inventory.

How to make a sticky piston

To turn an ordinary piston into sticky, you will need:

  • 1 ordinary piston;
  • 1 mucus (preferably green);
  1. Place the mucus in the center of the craft.
  2. Place the usual piston under the mucus.

As a result, you will get 1 sticky piston. Its peculiarity is that when turned off, he will pull the block back to which his wooden head stuck. This allows you to create various mechanisms where the blocking of the blocks is required back.

Using pistons

Pistons can be used to create doors, stairs, elevators, hiding places and many other mechanisms in Minecraft.

To start the piston, you need to bring the Redstone symbol to it (for example, using a lever, buttons, motion sensor, pressure plate, etc.D.). Upon receipt of the signal, the piston will put forward its wooden head forward, pushing the blocks standing in front of it.

However, there are several restrictions when using the pistons:

  • The piston cannot push out more than 12 blocks in a row;
  • The piston cannot push some blocks, for example, chests, doors, stairs or blocks with mobs;
  • The sticky piston when disconnected can only be taken back 1 unit;
  • The piston does not work in the void or at an altitude of more than 319 blocks.

But using combinations and chains of several pistons, you can circumvent these restrictions and create very complex mechanisms and structures.

Interesting facts about pistons

  • Despite the fact that the piston is made of stone and iron, it can be broken even with bare hands;
  • Когда блоки выталкиваются поршнем, они на мгновение становятся “нетвердыми” и через них можно провалиться;
  • Mobs can spavin inside the head of the piston, if it is in a dark place;
  • Initially, instead of sticky pistons, Minecraft developers wanted to add advanced spikes;
  • A decorative carpet or other block can be placed above the piston head.
  • With the help of pistons, you can create a mini-train in Minecraft moving along the rails;
  • Using sticky pistons, you can make objects “steam” in the air.

These are interesting mechanisms – pistons in Minecraft. They open great opportunities for automation and create complex structures. Experiment and create your unusual creations!


Pistons in Minecraft is an exciting tool for design and automation. They allow you to revive your buildings and mechanisms, making them more interactive and functional. With the help of ordinary and sticky pistons, you can create doors, stairs, elevators, conveyors, caches, traps and many other useful devices. Combining pistons with other components of the Redstone scheme, such as levers, buttons, sensors, you can achieve truly amazing results. Although the pistons have some restrictions, experienced players find ways to get around them using chains and synchronization of several pistons. Therefore, do not be afraid to experiment! Design, test, improve – and once you create such incredible mechanisms using pistons that will surprise even experienced players in Minecraft. After all, only your fantasy puts the limit to the capabilities of the piston in this sandbox for creativity!

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