How to make a book shelf in Minecraft

Books and libraries have long become an integral part of our civilization. What about virtual worlds? After all, many players spend no less time there than in reality. One of the most popular simulators of life – the game Minecraft – also did not bypass the topic of storage of information. And today we will talk just about how to create bookshelves and whole libraries in Minecraft!

How to make a bookshelf in minecraft

How to make a book shelf in Minecraft – a detailed guide

Book Shelves in Minecraft is a great way to decorate and fill your home or library. With their help, you can create a cozy environment and store useful things. Let’s figure out how to make a simple book shelf in Minecraft.

You will need to scrap one standard book shelf:

  • 6 boards of any type of tree (oak, birch, acacia, etc.D.);
  • 3 books.

Creating a book shelf in Minecraft is very easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the workbench (press the key E);
  2. Place 3 books in the middle row of a craft grid;
  3. Fill the rest of the cells in this row with boards – 3 boards each on each side of books;
  4. In the lower part of the workbench, the result will appear – the book shelf;
  5. Move it to the inventory;
  6. Now you can put the book shelf anywhere.

How to create shelves in which you can put books

But what if you want to create your own unique books in Minecraft and store them on the shelves? For this, a special Wurstkniftes BookMod mod will come in handy for us.

This mod adds a new type of book shelves to the game, which are initially empty. They can be placed in them books created by you or other players on the server.

To use a mod, you need:

  • Install Wurstkniftes Bookmod on a client of Minecraft;
  • Go into the game;
  • Open a workbench and find a new recipe “empty book shelf”;
  • Make such a shelf, following the usual recipe, only instead of books use empty books from the mod;
  • Put a shelf and start filling it with your handwritten books!

Thus, you can create original libraries for yourself and friends.

How to apply book shelves

Book shelves can be used in many ways to improve and decorate your buildings in Minecraft:

  • Put in houses as an element of decor and for storing really necessary books with spells or cards of the world;
  • Create grandiose libraries and archives for hundreds of book shelves;
  • Make thematic rooms “Cabinet of the scientist” or “Workshop of the sorcerer”;
  • Place shelves in locks, fortresses or other objects for realism;
  • Improve the enking table;
  • Use as a capacious storage in automated farms or sorting systems.

Interesting facts about book shelves in Minecraft

Book shelves did not appear immediately, but only in update 1.3. Before that, there was no way to keep books in Minecraft. Now let’s learn some curious facts about these useful objects:

  • From broken book shelves to version 1.9 objects did not fall out, as well as from glass or other transparent blocks;
  • The developers promise to make sure that all the books written by hand can be stored in the book shelves;
  • Particles flying away from the shelves during destruction are very similar to particles from enchanting tables;
  • The textures of the upper and lower part of the shelf completely repeat the texture of ordinary oak boards;
  • To make 15 shelves, it will take as many as 90 boards, 45 sheets of the skin for books and 135 sheets of paper;
  • Previously, to create libraries in Minecraft, I had to use mods, and now quite ordinary book shelves from the basic game.


So, we analyzed in detail how to create book shelves in Minecraft for storing books. This is a great tool for decorating interiors and creating libraries of any scale.

Thanks to a simple recipe from boards and books, you can easily scrap standard shelves. And using mods, even more opportunities open – for example, fill the shelves with books written by the players themselves. Book shelves in Minecraft is not only a beautiful element of decor, but also an important tool for organizing space. With their help, you create a comfortable atmosphere, store the necessary objects and simply embody your creative ideas. Experiment, show imagination, create amazing libraries. After all, it depends only on you how interesting and unusual your virtual world in Minecraft will be! And book shelves will always help to embody any ideas.

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