How to make a bow in Minecraft

Minecraft offers players a huge arsenal of weapons and instruments for survival and battles. But one of the most useful types of weapons in this game is rightfully considered onions. This is a great remedy for long -range, hunting and protection. With the help of onions and arrows, you can effectively hit enemies at a distance without substituting. Kraft onions in Minecraft is one of the simplest recipes. To create this powerful combat bow, you will need only 3 sticks and 3 threads. And to find these materials is completely easy. In this article, we will tell in detail how to make the bow step by step, how to use this weapon in battle and interesting facts about bows in Minecraft. So, let’s get down! You already scratch your hands pull on the bowstring and run the deadly arrow into the flight? Then forward, for making your own onion!

How to Make a Bow in Minecraft

How to make a bow in Minecraft – Step-by-step guide

To make a bow in Minecraft, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • a workbench (4 boards in the form of a square);
  • 3 sticks;
  • 3 threads.

First of all, you need to prepare a workplace for craft. This is a workbench – a 4×4 table of boards.

To make a workbench:

  1. Use the ax to cut down several trees and get wood (about 10-15 logs will be enough);
  2. Open the craft tab and process the logs into the boards (1 log = 4 boards);
  3. Place 4 boards on the ground in the form of a square 2×2. This is a workbench;

Now you have a desktop to create different items, including onions.

When the workbench is ready, you need to prepare the materials:

  • 3 sticks – make 6-8 boards from logs and process them into sticks (2 boards = 4 sticks). At least 3 sticks are needed;
  • 3 threads – for this find and kill spiders. Each spider gives 0-2 threads. Kill spiders until you gain 3 threads;

You can find spiders in caves or at night on the surface. Be careful in battle with them.

Craft onions

When you have a workbench and all materials (3 sticks and 3 threads), you can start crafting onions:

  1. Place 1 stick in the center of the upper row on a workbench;
  2. Place 1 stick in the middle row with the edge;
  3. Place 1 stick in the lower row under the central stick;
  4. Place 3 threads vertically in the central column under the upper stick;
  5. Click on the arrow to the right of the workbench to complete the craft and get onions!

How to use onions

Luke is a long -range weapon in Minecraft. To use it:

  1. Place arrows in the inventory (crawl out of wood);
  2. Press and hold the right mouse button to pull on the bow of the onion;
  3. When the bowstring is stretched, release the mouse button to shoot;

The longer to pull the bowstring, the more damage will inflict the arrow. Follow the wear of the onion.

Aiming above the goal to compensate for the fall of the arrow. Train in shooting at targets.

Interesting facts about Luke

  • The maximum range of onions is 120 blocks, which makes it a useful long -range weapon in Minecraft;
  • The onion can be enchanted by the spell of “infinity”, which allows it to release an unlimited number of arrows without consuming them;
  • If the arrow passes through the lava, it lights up, which adds a unique and strategic element to the use of onions;
  • Arrows fired from onions will pass through enderman, without causing him damage, which makes him a complex opponent to combat onions;
  • Onions can be obtained by plundering it from skeletons or finding in chests with treasures.

Summing up

Onions – a valuable tool in Minecraft, especially for long -range combat and hunting. It is not difficult to create a basic bow, for this you will need a workbench, sticks and a bow. However, in order to increase its effectiveness, it is useful to improve the onion through enchantment. For example, the “Strength” spell increases damage, and the “Infinity” spell provides an endless supply of arrows. The practice of shooting at targets is also the key to increasing accuracy and the development of distant shots. By regularly practicing, you can learn to accurately hit the goals at a distance. This skill will help you on the hunt, in self -defense and in a battle with the enemy. Due to its simplicity, high damage and the capabilities of distant attacks, onions are one of the best types of weapons in Minecraft different versions. Armed with onions and sufficient arrows of arrows, you will feel like a skilled hunter in the world of Minecraft.

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