How to make a torch in Minecraft

Когда наступают сумерки в блоковом мире Майнкрафта, начинают бродить опасные монстры – зомби, скелеты, криперы и пауки. Without lighting, night sorties and cave studies can end deplorable even for experienced players. That is why torches become one of the most important crafts for survival.This article tells in detail how to make a regular and red torch in Minecraft with your own hands. The Step-by-step instructions for collecting the necessary materials and craft in the workbench are given. Useful tips are also given on the effective use of torches – where to place them for maximum benefit.

How to make a torch in minecraft

How to create a simple torch

These simple in manufacture objects emit bright light within a radius of several blocks. Torches help to scare away monsters, illuminate the terrain, serve as lighthouses for navigation. With their help, you can safely move on the surface at night and explore underground mines and caves.

You will need to make a torch:

  • 1 coal block (wood or ordinary);
  • 1 stick;

Step 1. Get coal. It can be obtained in two ways:

  1. Burn a wood block in a furnace – this is how wood coal will appear. From 1 wood block, 4 units of coal are obtained;
  2. Find ordinary coal in mines or caves.

Step 2. Make a stick. For this you need:

  • Take 2 wooden boards and put in a layout on each other;
  • Or break the witch, or boat and pick up the remaining sticks.

Step 3. Open a workbench, put 1 stick and 1 coal there. As a result, there will be a scraped 1 torch.

The resulting torch can be placed on the wall to light the room. He also scares the monsters.

How to make a red torch

For a red torch you will need:

  • 1 stick;
  • 1 unit of red dust.

Step-by-step process:

  1. Find a rare red stone in the mines;
  2. Turn it into red dust;
  3. Place red dust in a workbench next to the stick;
  4. Get ready red torch!

Red torches are used to create electric circuits in Minecraft. They do not glow brightly red and create an ominous atmosphere.

Useful tips on the use of torches

  • Place the torches around the construction site in advance – so you will scare away the monsters.
  • Use torches as lighthouses – install on high towers for guidelines.
  • Do not put torches on the blocks of stairs, cacti, leaves and inside the glass.
  • Torches do not set fire to blocks, unlike open fire.
  • Be careful with torches on snowy biomes – they will melt all the snow!

Here’s what you need to know about the creation and use of different types of torches in Minecraft. They will become indispensable assistants both at night and in the dungeons!

We will summarize

So, now we have analyzed in detail how to make simple torches and red torches in the cult game Minecraft. As you can see, the process is quite simple and takes a matter of minutes. You only need a little coal and sticks. Then the quick combination of materials in the workbench – and you are ready!  You have received a powerful light source that can largely facilitate the study of the night world of Minecraft and its many dungeons. Torches also scare away most dangerous monsters, so installing these items will help you protect the territory of the base or house.  With their help, you can safely move in the dark corners of the universe! Be careful and do not abuse the capabilities of torches. Although they do not set the blocks directly, a forgotten torch can cause a large fire. Also, be careful using torches on snow locations – they will quickly melt all the snow and ice! The rest of the torches are your best friends at night and underground. Dare, wanderers, do not be afraid of the darkness and dangers – with their help you will pass any tests of the Block World Minecraft! Good luck!

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