How to make concrete in Minecraft

In Minecraft, a game about the construction of a world, the players have always used various materials to create their virtual worlds. Concrete is a strong and reliable material that is ideal for creating any structures and structures. Using their imagination, players can create incredibly beautiful buildings made of concrete, not only for private housing but also for decorative elements that will impress others on Minecraft servers. But how to make concrete in Minecraft? This is what will be discussed in this article.

How to Make Concrete in Minecraft

How to make concrete in Minecraft – step-by-step guide

Collect the materials:

  • 4 of the block of sand;
  • 4 blocks of gravel;
  • 1 dye of the desired color.

To make concrete blocks, you will need a crafting table. If you don’t have it yet, you can easily make it from 4 wooden boards.

  1. Open the craft table. Click the right mouse button on the table to open its interface;
  2. Place the materials. In the Craft grid, place the sand blocks in the lower row, the gravel blocks in the middle row, and the dye in the central slot;
  3. Create a concrete block. The craft table will automatically connect materials and create powder concrete;
  4. Color the concrete block. To get colored concrete, add the color of the color you need to the central slot of the table for craft. Each dye will allow you to get concrete of different colors;
  5. Take concrete powder from the craft table and place it in the inventory. You will see that it has turned into concrete blocks.

Now you can place concrete blocks anywhere in your world of Minecraft. They can be used to build structures or add decorative elements surrounded. To harden the concrete blocks, they need to be placed next to the water source. If there is no water source nearby, you can use a bucket to bring water to the place where you want to harden the blocks. If you accidentally break the concrete block, it will turn into powder. However, you can easily turn the powder back into a solid block, again placing it next to the water.

How to make concrete of different colors in Minecraft

Minecraft concrete colors are an interesting way to add variety and creativity to your buildings. Here is a list of available concrete colors and ways to get them:

  1. Black. To create black concrete, you can apply an ink bag obtained from squid, or mix white dye with a wilted rose on a workbench;
  2. Blue. It can be made with azure or cornflower in a workbench;
  3. Brown concrete. To get brown concrete, you will need cocoa beans;
  4. Cyanic. Can be obtained by mixing blue dye with green or combining lapis lazuli with green dye;
  5. Green. To create green concrete, weld a cactus in the furnace to get the dye;
  6. Grey. Mixing a black dye with white or an ink SAC with white dye on a workbench, you will get gray concrete;
  7. Light blue. Can be made using a blue orchid on a workbench;
  8. Light gray concrete. Use azure blue, margarita, or white tulip on the workbench;
  9. Lime. The preparation of sea cucumbers in the stove will allow you to obtain a lime -necessary dye necessary for lime concrete;
  10. Purple. Can be created using lilac or allium, or by combining purple dye with pink dye, red dye with blue and pink, or red dye with blue and white on a workbench;
  11. Orange. Using an orange tulip on a workbench or combining a yellow dye with red;
  12. Pink. You can make a peony or pink tulip, as well as mix red dye with white on a workbench;
  13. Red. It can be made using a poppy, a red tulip, beets, or a rose bush on a workbench;
  14. White concrete. To create white concrete, use bone flour or lily of the valley in the workbench;
  15. Yellow concrete. It can be obtained using dandelion or sunflower in the workbench.

In conclusion, it should be noted that mastering the art of creating concrete in Minecraft opens the world of opportunities for the players to reveal their creative potential. From strong buildings to bright decorative elements – the versatility of concrete knows no boundaries. Following a simple step-by-step leadership and experimenting with various dyes, players will be able to revive their virtual worlds with colorful and durable structures. So forward, collect materials, and give free rein to your imagination using the power of concrete in Minecraft!

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