How to tame a fox in minecraft

You are tired of wandering around the world minecraft alone? I would like to have a certain satellite nearby to go towards adventures? Well, I have an ideal solution for you: tame the fox! These charming small creatures can become your reliable assistant, accompanying you in all exciting adventures. So, get ready to find out how to tame a fox in Minecraft, and discover a completely new level of friendliness.

How to Tame a Fox in Minecraft

How to tame a fox in minecraft – step-by-step guide

Now that you were completely captured by the idea of starting your own companion fox, let’s figure out what to do to tame these elusive creatures. There are several key techniques that you will have to master: from searching and a cautious approach to them to gaining confidence with the help of kindness and patience. Lis taming in minecraft may be a difficult task, because these animals are not so easy to train. However, having put a little effort and patience, you can successfully tame and make friends with these elusive creatures. Below are the steps to tame the fox in Minecraft:

  1. Find foxes. Foxes are found in two versions: red and white foxes in snowy taiga biomes. These animals are night predators, but at the same time remain friendly to the players. It is best to find them in the afternoon when they sleep. Look for two or more foxes sleeping nearby in close proximity;
  2. Build the aviary. So that the foxes could not run away, build an aviary around them using any blocks of your choice. Make sure that the height of the aviary is at least two blocks to hold the fox. In order not to frighten them, approach them in a sneak mode or use the potion of invisibility;
  3. Feed the fox. Now the decisive part of the tame of the fox begins. You will need sweet berries. Continue to give them to foxes until hearts appear over the animals. This means that the fox was born;
  4. Timing the fox. As soon as the foxes are born, you can tame it and make it your companion. Unlike their parents, the fox will not run away from you. However, he can not always follow you on his own. So that it is not distracted, use the leash;
  5. Strengthening trust. Over time, the foxes will begin to trust you and follow you without a leash. It is important to note that Minecraft foxes hostile to dogs and wolves. If you already have these tamed animals, make sure that they are at a distance from each other to avoid conflicts.

Lice taming in minecraft may require some dedication and patience, but this can be useful to experience if these smart creatures become your companions in the game. So go in search of foxes and start the process of taming them. You will not have time to look around, as in the huge world of Minecraft next to you will be a faithful fox-companion.

Funny facts about foxes in minecraft

Foxes with their soft red fur and bushy tails are truly charming creatures that can add a note of magic to your game minecraft. From their mischievous behavior to cunning hunting skills – foxes bring unique dynamics to the game. By taming the fox, you will not only get a faithful companion, but also open access to its intriguing abilities and interactions:

  • If the fox is killed by the player or his dog, experience points fall from it (1-3). However, the experience does not fall out of the fox who died under other circumstances. Foxes can also drop items that they picked up. If the fox span with any object, then after death it will not fall out. Objects that fell from foxes of different colors do not differ from each other. Cubs of foxes also do not drop items;
  • In addition to other abilities, Minecraft foxes can hunt. The creators included for them the developed animation of hunting. The fox first sneaks up to the extraction, then presses to the ground and, finally, pounces on the victim;
  • Fox taming in minecraft is like taming a wolf. If a tamed fox has a cub, then he will also follow you;
  • Objects that the fox holds in the mouth are actually in her hand, which allows her to use it. In addition, the fox has a sharp sense of smell and can smell the prey at a distance. She can also detect berries at a distance of about 15 quarters, approach them, eat or take it to the mouth.


If you need an affectionate companion, a useful hunter or just a note of magic in your adventures in Minecraft, taming the fox – the perfect solution. Follow the step-by-step leadership, be patient, and soon there will be a faithful companion-lis. So go ahead, go to this exciting journey and reveal the full potential of these beautiful creatures in the huge world of minecraft. Fox happy taming!

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