How to make a melting stove in Minecraft

The melting furnace in Minecraft is the most important building for pumping technologies and metal production. With its help, you can melt ore into ingots of iron, gold, copper and other metals for further craft or trade. The stove is also indispensable for the manufacture of glass.

It is not difficult to build a melting in Minecraft, the main thing is to know the desired sequence of actions. In this article, I will tell you in detail how to make a simple, but effective melting stove for remelting of scrap metal and ore right at my own. Follow the instructions – and soon you will establish your own metallurgical production in Minecraft!

How to Make a Smelting Furnace in Minecraft

How to make a melting stove – guide

Before creating a blank, first you need to make a regular furnace, this will require 8 pieces of cobblestone or black stone.

To create a melting stove, you will need the following components:

  • 5 iron ingots;
  • 1 unit of the furnace;
  • smooth stone – 3 pieces.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Click the right mouse button on the workbench to open it. A 3×3 grid appears;
  2. Place the usual stove in the center of the grid. This will be the main base for your melting furnace;
  3. On each side of the furnace, place two iron ingots. It will be a frame for a melting furnace;
  4. In the upper row of the grate, place the remaining three iron ingots;.
  5. Place three units of smooth stones in the lower row of the grate. They will serve as a fuel for the furnace.
  6. After you arrange all the components in the craft grid, as described above, the melting stove will appear in the window results window;
  7. Click and drag the melting stove from the results of the results to your inventory.

How to use a melting stove in Minecraft

The melting stove is really useful in Minecraft. It makes it possible to smel objects much faster than ordinary furnaces. Such effectiveness is especially useful for players who have a large amount of ore, which needs to be melted at a time. Using a melting stove, players save time and resources, which allows them to focus on other tasks in the game. To use the melting stove, the player needs to put a certain object and fuel in it. After that, the space around the furnace will light up, meaning that the process of melting began. Inside the furnace you can see the tongues of flame, which indicates that objects will melt. To pick up the molten object, players can simply click on it with the right mouse button. It is worth noting that the melting furnace is more effective, but for this effectiveness it is necessary to spend more than fuel.

What fuel can be used

The most commonly used fuel is coal, which can be found in the game in abundance. Coal block is considered the best universal fuel source. The time of its combustion is almost the same as that of a bucket with lava, and it allows the player to enter 64 blocks into the furnace immediately. This means that fuel needs to be added less, and more time can be spent on prey or craft. In addition, players can use charcoal, which is formed when fading logs in a regular furnace. It is worth noting that when using wood coal in the melting furnace gives the same results as the usual. In addition, players can use a bucket with lava as a fuel source, which will significantly increase the speed and efficiency of swimming. In addition to these options, players can experiment with other materials that can be used as fuel in a regular furnace, as they can work in the blast.

Interesting Facts

Here are a few entertaining facts about the domain furnace in Minecraft:

  • The melting unit was added in the official version 1.14;
  • If a resident of the village, in which there is no specialized gunsmith, stands next to the domain stove, there is a chance that he himself will become an gunsmith;
  • Unlike a regular stove or fire, the domain furnace cannot be used for cooking. For this, players must use a regular stove or fire;
  • When collecting objects from a domain furnace, players receive less experience than when collecting objects from a regular furnace;
  • Domain furnaces cannot be moved or pushed using pistons. After installation, they remain in their place;
  • If you destroy the domain stove with a pick, then it itself and its contents will fall out, and if another tool is used, then only the contents will fall out;
  • In an active state, domain furnaces have the same resistance to explosions and radiate the same amount of light as ordinary furnaces;
  • Blocks from a blast furnace can only be mined with a pick.


The creation of a domain furnace in Minecraft may seem like a complex process, but with the necessary materials and a Step-by-step guide, this can be easily done. The advantages of using the melting furnace are obvious – acceleration of swimming time and increase efficiency. Do not forget to use suitable fuel, such as charcoal to achieve maximum results. Do not be afraid to experiment, and soon you will become a master of not only crafting, but also swimming.

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