How to find a treasure in Minecraft

Who does not dream of getting rich and stumble upon a chest with treasures somewhere in the endless expanses of Minecraft? Find a treasure from plots of gold, diamonds, enchant objects and other valuable resources – luck for any player. But how to find this precious chest after all?

How to find Treasure in Minecraft

You can look for treasures in Minecraft in different ways – with the help of cards with x marks, accidentally bumping on chests when developing mines or studying the dungeons, as well as using special items like a magic ball. In this article I will talk about the most effective methods for finding treasures and give a few valuable tips on how to increase your chances of getting rich. Follow my instructions – and rare artifacts will fall into your hands yourself!

How to find a treasure in Minecraft – guide

The first step is to find the treasure map itself. There are two search methods:

  • Buy a card from a village resident. Find a cartographer in the village and buy a map from him. To do this, you will need to make a successful transaction with 12-28 emeralds and several compasses. Make sure the cartographer is improved to the 4th level;
  • Another way is to stumble upon destroyed dungeons in which the card can be found with a high probability.

As soon as the treasure map is in your hands, it's time to start the study and search for the location of the treasures. If you have found a treasure map in ruins or as a loot, then most likely the treasures are closer to your current location. Use this advantage to speed up the search. The search for the treasure consists of the following steps:

  1. On the treasure map there are two coordinates – X and Y. Start by moving several quarters to the right or left to determine the movement of one of the coordinates. As soon as your marker begins to move, level along the same straight line as the treasures. Now move forward or backward to determine the exact direction to treasures;
  2. The last step is to start excavations in the place marked on the treasure map. Arm yourself with a shovel or pick and break down a few blocks to detect hidden chests. Do not give up if you do not find a chest at once, because it can be deeper underground.

How to find a treasure in Minecraft – life hacks

The search for treasures can take a lot of time, since cards often contain obscure information about their location. However, there is a method that will help you quickly find the treasures.

First find the site on the map where the treasure is indicated. To do this, click F3+G to display a block of blocks. Find a chack with a cross symbol on the map.

As soon as you determine this piece, click F3 and look at the right side of the screen. You should see a column with the inscription "Chank". To find treasures, you need to find a piece in which the first and third numbers in the column "Chunk" are 9.

Having determined the desired piece, stand in this place and dig under yourself to find treasures. Using this method, you can quickly and effectively find treasures without spending too much time searching.

How to find a treasure in Minecraft without a card

Burred chests with treasures can usually be found in coastal areas, especially next to the sunken ships. In particular, they can be found on the beaches and rocky shores. However, finding an exact place to start digging, it may not be easy, since hidden treasures will not appear on the map, even if you find yourself next to them. Chests can also be closed by blocks corresponding to the environment, such as sand or gravel. In some cases, chests can be covered even by unusual materials, such as ore blocks. Therefore, carefully examine all suspicious mounds or sets of blocks that seem inappropriate in this location.

In addition, depending on the version of the Minecraft that you play, there are guaranteed places of the treasure. In Java Edition, you can find treasures at the point with coordinates 9 out of 15 on the X/Y axis, which will indicate the east. If you play Bedrock Edition, the coordinates will change to 8 out of 25 on the X/Z axis. If you follow these tips and monitor suspicious blocks and locations, you will have more chances to find treasures in Minecraft without a card.

We will summarize

Digging treasures in Minecraft is an exciting adventure that every player dreams of. With the help of proper techniques and a little good luck, you can find valuable resources and rare artifacts that will make you rich in the virtual world. So what are you waiting for? Grab the pick, put on the researcher's hat and go to the exciting search for buried treasures. Follow these methods and tips, and you will not have time to look around, how to stumble upon a chest with treasures that you always dreamed about. Happy hunting!

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