How to tame a parrot in Minecraft

Minecraft parrots are colorful and noisy birds, which can become wonderful pets. These bright birds know how to repeat the spoken phrases, sit on the shoulder or swing, and when taming even bring useful objects in the beak! However, taming a proud parrot in Minecraft is not so easy. These feathered are wayward and shy by nature. To gain the trust of the bird, you will have to try thoroughly. In this article, I will tell in detail how to find, tame and feed parrots so that these bright creatures settled next to you. Follow my advice – and you will gently hug with your feathered friend!

How to Tame Parrot in Minecraft

How to tame a parrot – guide

  1. The first thing you need to do is collect food for parrots. Fortunately, Minecraft parrots are not fastidious eaters – they will eat any seeds. Therefore, before taming the parrot, make sure that you have a lot of seeds in the inventory;
  2. Minecraft is considered tamed parrots who sit on the character’s shoulder. However, at the same time no more than two parrots can sit on the shoulder. Keep this in mind if you plan to tame several parrots;
  3. To start taming a parrot, you need to pick up seeds. Go to the parrot with seeds in your hands, and he must sit on your shoulder. Sometimes a parrot may not immediately respond to your presence. In such cases, you will need to walk a little next to the parrot or just stand up and wait for the right moment;
  4. When a parrot sits on your shoulder, you can walk or stand. Enjoy the Society of your recently tamed parrot, moving around the world Minecraft. Do not forget to be careful and avoid sharp movements that may frighten the parrot.

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  • Flight and landing. Minecraft parrots are similar to bats in that they can fly, but their main difference is the ability to land at the tops of the surfaces in a horizontal position. This allows players to plant parrots on their shoulders, adding a playful element to the game;
  • Behavior in flight. Parrots can fly away if the player falls from the block on which. Therefore, it is important to be careful, wearing a parrot on the shoulder, so as not to lose it. The behavior of parrots in flight gives realism to their presence in the game and makes them more interactive;
  • Health. Parrots are considered “squelch” mobs, that is, they have little health. Minecraft has only 6 health in parrots, which is equivalent to 3 hearts. This makes them vulnerable to attacks and adds the level of complexity and strategies when caring for them;
  • Food. Minecraft parrots can consume various types of seeds. They prefer seeds, but they will never refuse wheat. However, it is important to note that feeding parrots with cookies is a big minus. If you try to feed them with cookies, they will instantly receive effects associated with poisoning, and may die;
  • Obstacles and collisions. An interesting feature of parrots is that they can freely go through certain obstacles. This feature adds uniqueness to their behavior and allows them to move smoothly around the game environment;
  • Environmental reaction. Minecraft parrots are known for their playful character. If there is a turning table nearby, parrots will begin to move their heads, dance and even fly. This gives their presence amazing animation and liveliness, making the game more vivid and fascinating;
  • Like wolves and cats in Minecraft, parrots automatically teleport to the player if they wander too far. This connection with the player’s character adds parrots a sense of partnership and devotion, making them favorite pets in the game.


Minecraft parrots are not only colorful and noisy birds, but also beautiful pets. It may not be easy to tame them, but with patience and a large number of seeds you can gain their trust and enjoy the friendship of these feathered friends. Parrots can sit on your shoulder, as well as bring useful items in the beak – they bring to the world Minecraft a playful and living element. So, follow the management, find, tame and feed the parrots and experience the joy of communicating with your own colorful companion in the game. Happy hunting for parrots!

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